(First published in August 2015).

In both the Quran and the Bible (Genesis) it is known that Pharaoh had a dream of 7 fat cows eaten by 7 thin cows. This was interpreted as 7 good years eaten by 7 bad years. Today’s New York economic cycle follows a similar pattern. You start a bubble, then you intentionally burst it at 7 years. It is like building a beautiful home, then you destroy it in 7 years, it is creative destructionism at its best. A bubble burst in 2001, add 7 years, you get the crash of 2008, add 7 years of Fed’s ZIRP policy, you end up with this month’s crash of 2015. A clear 7-Year period. You can go back to 1994, and 1987 (Period T=7 years, Same pattern).

Almost always, crashes happen in the last month in the Jewish Calendar, the month of Elul. This is August. See what’s happening now in August, or what happened in August 2008, etc. All debt needs to be wiped out before end of the Jewish Calendar year so the Lord is happy. The same applies to the end of the 7th year, all debt must go. It seems, after all, the money masters follow some religious guidelines, and you may benefit from this macro-level knowledge.


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