There’s a lot of talk about the connection between verses in the Quran implicitly citing the frontal brain cortex as responsible for lying / wrong-doing, and recent academic research independently supporting this citation.

The direct verse: “No! If he does not stop, We will take him by the naseyah, a lying sinful naseyah” (Quran 96:15-16), where naseyah is generally explained as the front of head of human or animal.

The academic research is documented well – and is easily searchable – on the fact that the pre-frontal area is responsible for decision-making; e.g. lying vs telling the truth. 

I am adding to this today a system element,  which is that of the “controller” in a feedback loop system as shown in the attached diagram.

More than it being a processing unit, I think the naseyah is the controller only, it has the algorithm and filters that minimize the errors, relative to the individual’s ideals (level of faith.) The job of the controller ends with a signal that goes to the brain (processor) to trigger an action through the available body actuators  (hands,  legs, mouth, etc.) These actions maybe good or evil, depending on the controller and its logic.

Following the action, the sensors (eyes and ears) collect data about the output (response), and feed it back to the controller for additional revised (improved or worsened) control signals. For example,  to change mind about sth that was said or apologies about action, or take new action (walk away, say sth else, etc).

The controller is the most important part of a system because the logic in it defines the efficiency of the entire system.  If the person is educated (refined logic), the system (person) response will be more fine-tuned, more stable (less violent, no erratic response), and will reach his or her set target.

Controller logic means the different filters  (education,  faith, ethics, and other decision filters). In the frontal cortex, this is a complex highly non-linear algorithm.

In the first surah (chapter) of the Quran, it reads: “guide us to the straight path”, the straight path defined by God is a system target. How fast you can reach this target will depend on the controller algorithm  (again depends on education,  faith, ethics, etc.) A good efficient controller is one that takes you, fastest, in stable mode to the desired target.

Note also that the location of the brain controller is, by design, near the eyes, which is the primary sensor for efficient feedback and filtering.

The goal of this short article is to clarify what the job of the brain pre-frontal area (controller) is. The current conclusions following related academic research are attributing more to this controller than it actually does, it is only one part of the system; processing, actions, sensors have other complementary roles too.


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