Some 18 months ago, Movie Director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad invited me for an interview to provide a scientific opinion about the existence of Jinn (a creature made from Fire and is mentioned in the 3 holy books.) Ajmal released the movie Jinn on 4/4/14, but it was far from successful. What follows is my rant about Jinn from an Electromagnetics standpoint.
From the physics standpoint, there are 2 main issues regarding Jinn:

1. The eye as the tool for perceiving images. The images can be of physical or virtual objects. The eye has frequency limitations. Example, the bulb frequency at 60 Hz, the light actually blinks 60 times per second, but we do not see it blink, as our eye cannot resolve that frequency. So our understanding of the world will always be limited to what the eye can see. What it cannot see remains an unknown unkown.

2. Electromagnetic Specturm. When it comes to electromagnetics, we talk about a spectrum, yet we continue to talk about angels, humans, and Jinn. Perhaps there are other creatures for each level in the known electromagnetic spectrurm. So there maybe a continuum, not just discrete points.

Just below the visible spectrum that we can see, you can find infrared waves, and this is where Jinn belong to. On the other end, above the visible spectrurm, there is ultra-violet, above the clouds where angels belong. This is why angels are depicted as above the clouds light-weight short wavelength creatures. The point is that both angels and jinn operate outside the visible spectrum of the human eye. To see jinn, first you have to feel cold (consistent with reports) if you are near it, because it has to suck energy out of its surroundings to create that dense infrared hologram or ghost. That temperature gradient, will make the person seeing the ghost feel cold. Infrared waves are known to penetrate deeper into earth, thus the notion that Jinn live underground.

I think we are disturbing the lives of Jinn and other creatures today with our use of low frequency systems such as radars, microwave, and radio waves. They may be angry at us.

The word Jinn is also related to Jinna which in Arabic means madness or craze. This means that the devil, himself a Jinn, or other jinns can interfere with the human’s low frequency brain waves, and cause a behavioral change, on the extreme driving the person to insanity.

Maybe people in the past knew or saw of Jinn more than we did due to better spiritual connections, Jinn and the devil at the infrared level are almost always associated with the color red, which is the lowest frequency in the visible spectrum (the color of blood, longest wavelength, our eyes will see it quickly, it is a primitive instinct), vs. the blue color (high frequency, short wavelength) associated with angels and the blue skies. I can speculate easily that if a Jinn would show up here now, it would have a red color tone based on the energy needed to generate its ghost around the infrared frequency and going into a red color wavelength.

Firebreather - Michigan USA
Firebreather – Michigan USA

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